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  • 2i like this movie becayse teighlor is so obese that she is imme
Categories: BBW
Duration: 04:11

Uploaded: 2010-03-10 Rating: 56% / 152 Votes

Description: ssbbw free porn video.


Guest2016-01-19 23:21:15

Those who have never been with a woman of this size have no idea what they're missing. I have and it was incredible sex like I've never had before.

Guest2015-09-13 23:48:41

You are so hot. I would lovet o explore your fat body, lick you clean all over and fuck you.

Guest2014-10-23 17:25:44

Was this lady able to fuck?? I would think NEVER in the missionary position, but possibly from behind ... if she could stand for ANY length of time & IF the man was very well endowed!!

Guest2014-08-28 20:22:30

Teighlor is so obese that she can barely move . . . she obviously struggled sexually !!