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Japanese forced lesbian sex on a train

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Categories: Asian, Lesbian, Hairy
Duration: 29:26

Uploaded: 2011-05-15 Rating: 60% / 659 Votes

Description: Japanese forced lesbian sex on a train free porn video.


Guest2016-01-13 00:19:31

It's nice but I would like to see a cute Japanese girl pulled off the train by a group of young lesbians, dragged into a public restroom, rip open her blouse and tear off her panties, fuck her with a huge strapon and leave her there with her cum dripping and taurned into a lesbian herself.

Guest2015-08-11 02:14:35

The victim girl first seems to be reluctant and even suffering, but probably the Japanese mimic is misleading, because she keeps spreading her legs wider and wider and apparently likes the process of her being forced into lesbian sex. It would be advisable to add some resistance on her part and spanking on the part of molestors.

Guest2015-07-27 00:12:52

W h

Guest2015-06-23 16:00:32

why can't this ever happen to me

Guest2015-01-27 18:51:31

Same old Jap molestation lesbian formula. I am sick of seeing sex toys in porn. I love Japanese porn but a lot of it is just routine stuff, unoriginal and unrealistic. But it is still 50 times better than the juvenile crap that the American industry churns out - apparently for 12 year olds.