Pornstars Share What They Eat Before Anal Sex

2017-03-22 Comments 


It seems everybody is always talking about anal sex. Those who experienced it talk about their, well, anal experience while those who hadn't have it yet dream and fantasize about it. In which bucket you fall?
Have you ever thought about what is the best food for a girl to eat before the butt play? In case you have, or haven't, here we have the answers.


In one of Wood Rocket's "Ask A Porn Star" series, they asked adult actresses what they eat before anal. Like all of our bodies are different, expectedly, their answers differ, too. In most of the cases, to eat something light is the safest way you could pick. Actually, to eat nothing is the safest option to go with. However, there's a great chance of running out of energy and one does not want that to happen. A protein bar or even better, a banana, is something you should munch on for breakfast.


Adult actresses share what food to eat before anal sex.


Unless you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you do need to watch out what you put in your mouth. Definitely not tacos! Still, eating too many veggies won't really do any good for you. Eating a ton of raw vegetables make you fart. Don't believe me? Try it out and you'll see.


Learn from the best and find out what foods pornstars eat and/or they suggest a girl should eat before she has an anal intercourse.


Allie Haze likes to stick to broth. She'll pretty much eat soup only. Moreover, she keeps to things that are really light. Upon waking up, she even has a cup of coffee. But like Allie says, everyone is different. She spent a whole week learning what worked for her and learned it the hard way. "Little by little I figured out how it works." Allie adds, "Our bodies are funny things and everything triggers in a different way."

Secret tip: "If you are about to do anal, you need to have faith in yourself. Your body is not really gonna do things in those kinds of moments unless you make them happen."


Pornstars suggest what to eat before anal.


Tara Holiday eats nothing.


Vyxen Steel suggests to eat rice because it constipates you [laughs]. Joke aside, she usually has a protein shake or a protein bar or whatever, you know, so she does not run out of energy. Banana works too. Just don't have a solid, real breakfast. A smoothie or something does the trick.


Rain DeGrey says, "Seal your lips and open your ass."


Trinity St. Clair clearly states that she is a vegetarian for thirteen years now. Question: Why do all vegetarians and vegans need to say that they are vegetarians or vegans. Quick Joke: How do you know someone is a vegetarian or a vegan? They will tell you.
That said, she does not really put much effort into preparation. Usually, she tells the girls to not eat much meat and that's pretty much it.
"For me is just another day. I've been doing anal forever. My game: What's going on? Doing Anal? Cool," says Trinity.


The food pornstars eat before they have anal sex.


Violet Monroe also suggests that no meal would probably be the best idea. However, if you really need to have something to eat, wolf down on something that body will take a long time to digest.


Anikka Albrite likes to eat something that is not heavy before shooting an anal scene. The night before she'll have mashed potatoes, pasta, chicken, sushi or fish. The following morning she always has cheese danish and a banana.