Stella Cox Experiences Wild Interracial Anal

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After a short interview, she has with the band, Stella Cox is left with one of the members of the group. An attractive black guy. She does not know yet why he actually wanted to stay since the other two went doing the sound check.

Instead of just sitting there and chatting, Stella shows him around the studio/apartment. It's beautiful. Even more beautiful it will get.

Upon their arrival to the bedroom, they enjoy the stunning view for a little while before something unexpectedly happens. The handsome black guy starts touching young and busty Stella. Will she move away or will she go with the flow and enjoy a quick romp with him?


Hot interracial fuck for Stella Cox.

Needless to say, Stella goes with the later. Not many moments pass when they find themselves on the bed with Cox flashing her big tits. He, obviously, cannot hold himself back and goes berserk after her. Touching her whole slender body, especially her hooters, the guy becomes horny as fuck, and the only thing he wants next is her pussy.

But first, he sucks on them big breasts and the nipples what already hit Stella with a pleasurable sensation.
Moving forward, or better said, down under, the strong stud starts to eat her pussy out and makes lovely Stella Cox's twat wet. He keeps on taking great care of her pink and warming up Stella for something much more than just oral sex.


Young Stella Cox prepares the BBC for a vivid interracial anal sex.

However, since he did such a good job munching on her va-jay-jay, Cox is ready now to return the oral favor and starts sucking on his large black shaft. Boy oh boy, does she do an incredible job blowing his BBC. She is sexy as fuck, has a pair of amazing boobs and now he finds out that how she works his member inside her gob is just perfect. So pleasing!

As said earlier, he might enjoy the oral fuck to the fullest, however, he wants her taco, too. But is her vagina really the last thing he wants?

Ready to get her pussyhole stretched, he takes Stella Cox hard and smashes that bald vag with passion and style. They go on an even more intimate level when they decide to put their quick sexual intercourse to into a new gear with anal fucking.


Busty Stella Cox gets fucked in the ass by a BBC.

Is that something what Stella thought about in first place, too? Well, the dude sure did. As a matter of fact, her ass is what he was really after. From the very beginning! You see, sometimes you need to take extra effort and make the lady feel amazing before you even get to what you want. Treat the ladies right, guys!

Anyhow, Stella Cox finally opens up her tight asshole and starts to benefit from his big black cock rubbing against her anal walls.
Being on top, on the bottom and back on top, the two of them enjoy this secret interracial anal session to the fullest.
Lastly, from a wild cowgirl anal ride, Stella goes to blowing his member one last time and eagerly awaits a facial splash of his hot load of spunk.

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