Victoria Daniels' Private Casting Ends With Anal Fuck

2017-03-29 Comments 

In case you aren't yet familiar with the hot and sexy new talent, Victoria Daniels, we are here to introduce you to her. What to say, she is tempting and she has a ton of skills that will blow you away and spin your mind 360 degrees.

This is her very first time. Victoria answers the Private casting call and all the rest becomes history. She decided to take the plunge and test herself how good she is in front of the camera. Not only doing erotic lingerie photo shooting but fucking, too. All this and a whole bunch more is what goes down in the video above. Sit back, relax and enjoy the madness.

First, like with any other casting/interview, they ask Victoria a few questions to get to know her a little better. Does her family know about the casting? Of course not but they will find out eventually. However, she doesn't really give much fucks.
The big question that we all want to know about is; "Why have you decided to come to casting?" As it turns out, Victoria Daniels always fantasized about doing porn. Not to mention, she likes to watch dirty movies, too. What a naughty girl she is!


Victoria Daniels Private Casting anal fuck.

Anyhow, after the quick interview the time comes to get to the shooting part.
First, Victoria does some super glamorous lingerie shots what makes everyone who is part of the shooting start to salivate. In that black lingerie, Victoria looks absolutely phenomenal. No need to wonder, she sure did the staff make happy with her modeling skills.

Next, having sex in front of the camera. Will she be just as good as she was during the shooting? Spoiler alert: Victoria's performance is even better!

The dude that joins her is very gentle with her since it is her first time. However, when they finally go to the business, it seems like Victoria is in the game for several years. She is fully relaxed and goes with the flow.
Daniels sucks his large cock like a true champ and makes him even more hungry for her pussy.
That said and to return the favor, the man dives deep between her slim legs and starts to munch and finger her twat.

With her legs wide open, Victoria Daniels is lying on the leather couch all wet and horny AF, ready to take his machete deep inside her pink muffin. Her bald pussyhole is about to get stretched wide and penetrated properly by a professional.


Victoria Daniels gets fucked in the ass during casting.

To make a long story short, this Private casting is not only about snatch smashing, it is about anal sex, too. After all, they are interested in learning pretty much everything about young Victoria. All aspects matter.
When she goes on her four, the dude takes Daniels doggy style. The moment he gently starts to penetrate her asshole, he is surprised how easy he eases his big dick in. Like she would train for the butt fuck! Well, did she? Either she did or she is just so fully relaxed and calm in her mind, the anal sex session, what this casting escalated to, looks beautiful.

Sliding his sword inside her ass and insider her pussy, Victoria Daniels lastly offers him a satifying tit job what ends up with a nice spray of semen all over her boobs and chest.

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