Blanche Bradburry Cheats On Her Man With A BBC

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Only one month more and Blanche Bradburry will finally fly out and move in with her man in Moscow, Russia. He is so in love with her and cannot wait to meet her and start living with her.

In one of their many Skype conversations, he tells her how much he misses her. The conversation is nothing special, they tell each other how in love they are with each other and the usual stuff.
The last questions, "What are you up to?" gets him suspicious. Anyway, the conversation ends, and the sadness hits heavy.


Blanche Bradburry enjoys interracial 69.

Thinking about that last answer, he cannot hold himself back from not doing some hacking. As you will see, Blanche's dude is a computer guy who can easily hack into any device he wants.
With a few tricks, he breaks into Blanche's laptop to check out what is going on. To his surprise, he finds her deepthroating a big black cock. He is in shock. For all this time, he thought she is loyal, but he finds out how wrong he was. Blonde Blanche Bradburry is a real cheating bitch!

Leaving that poor guy to do what a guy has to do in such situation, let's together examine what kind of a yoga Blanche is practicing. She actually has yoga class planned for today.

It is more like a mouth, pussy and asshole yoga. The intimate fuck yoga, if you will.


Anal loving cheater Blanche Bradburry gets her but penetrated hard.

Taking the humongous chocolate penis orally, Bradburry's cock sucking skills will leave you in amazement for hours. Dude, his penis is a beast and she can stick it all the way down her throat. Like you would be watching some wizardry stuff. No magic, it is just the fact how good Blanche Bradburry is at sucking a dong.

Just as much as she enjoys putting her blowing skills to use, so does Blanche enjoy getting her well-trimmed pussy and butthole stretched wide and penetrated.
But first, the dirty couple continues with the foreplay and do each other out in a satisfying 69 position up until they are excited through the roof and ready for the hot action.

To get her prepared and ready for the interracial anal session, he first eases his black beast inside Blanche Bradburry's vagina and stuffs every corner of it. He nails her hard and makes her moan loud and lets him know that she is ready to step up the fuck and stretch her butt with his shaft.


Big black cock for Blanche Bradburry ass and an anal creampie.

Fully relaxed, Blanche takes his chocolate schlong with ease and wraps around it with her anus tight and firmly. This allows both to experience great sensations and reach fulfilling orgasms.
When he gets to the jizzing point, he keeps the cock inside and lets Blanche experience a tasty anal creampie. She gapes her ass wide so the spunk slowly starts to drip out of it.

Hey, did Blanche's man go back to turning his laptop on and watched the whore get smashed by this big guy? Does she even let him drill her ass? I am sure he must be pissed as fuck if the answer is no.
What will the poor fella do now?

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