LELO Will Remember 2017 Memorial Day Weekend Forever

2017-06-01 Comments 


The 2017 Memorial Day weekend will be remembered forever over at LELO. Its U.S. warehouse in Las Vegas got robbed not only once but twice. The official statement says that it was "an eventful Memorial Day weekend."

The first robbery took place on Saturday, May 26, at approx. 7:45 pm. The following day, thieves returned to pick up another batch of sex goodies.

Reportedly, they stole more that 30,000 Lelo HEX condoms, along with other sex toys, like butt plugs (33), kegel exercising aids (48) and more.

Damn son, someone must be extremely horny.

Like they would plan it, the first day (Saturday) it was the condoms day. Two burglars entered the warehouse from the back gate and stole boxes of the new and revolutionized HEX condom. You know, the condom that is almost unbreakable which one part of the Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen is the advocate of.



Then, on a Sunday, May 27th, 2017, they crashed their car reverse through the loading dock gate. They were in such a hurry they even needed to break the rear window. Dude, what year are these thieves living in? Or they might be living the eco lifestyle, not polluting the air with air conditioning. Free A/C.
The security footage shows one man running into the LELO warehouse, picking boxes of male and female pleasure devices, valued up to $219 apiece.

It sure does look like these fellas know exactly what they were after. Or maybe they broke into only due to the fact of the new and shiny warehouse. If the latter is the case, boy, I am sure it was a pleasant surprise for them when they got back home and opened the boxes.


In an article published on their official page, LELO jokes, "WHAT KIND OF PARTY ARE THESE PEOPLE HAVING. We could have done the sponsorship or something. A friggin' invite might have been nice."

What truly makes the burglars real boneheads is the fact that LELO is set to give away thousands of HEX condoms for free anyway. You could at least wait.

Pavle Sedic, the president of LELO U.S. told AVN that at this point, they would be happy if the thieves would use the condoms themselves. He adds, "We're currently working with the police to identify those responsible and ask members of the public to get in touch."

LELO stated that they would greatly appreciate if you have any information that could help identify the criminals. If so, please contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.


If the villains get caught, the sex toys company will donate the full retail value of the stolen pleasurable goods to a charity of choice of the person or a group of people who help the LVMPD catch the robbers.

Anyone who has any information hit up LVMPD over at PIO@lvmpd.com.

By the way, the fools don't even wear any masks, plus, the registration plate number on the SUV can be recognized, right? Oh yeah, it can be stolen or whatever.
At the end of the day, I am sure someone will be able to help the LVMPD to catch these tools.

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