How World's Best-Selling Male Sex Toy, Fleshlight, Is Made

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In case you ever wondered how world's best-selling male sex toy, Fleshlight, gets made, wonder no more, you just came to the right place. All the thanks go to Nikias Chryssos and The Double Feeling for producing this cool, 10 minutes long documentary. It gives us a peek at what's going on inside the Las Vegas, Nevada factory. You will get a quick tour around the factory if you will.


Lear how male sex toy, Fleshlight, is made.


To be honest, I expected there's going to be a lot more to the actual production of the male sex toy. At least a little more chaos or whatever. I dunno, or maybe fancier. 

It turns out, though it's the best-selling male sex toy in the world, they are keeping it fairly simple. 4 production stations, a small group of staff and that's pretty much it. You read that correct, they are not using any special, high-tech equipment. It's the basic stuff what seems works like a charm. Hey, dudes around the world are buying the masturbator on a daily basis in hundreds. Meaning, they sure are satisfied with it. Are you?



Short documentary about how Fleshlight gets made.


Fleshlight, world's best selling male sex toy is all about simplicity. And making your cocks happy!


The whole concept and idea, of course, is genius. You know, sometimes simple things work best. And that's where Fleshlight is extremely good at. In many cases, folks are overcomplicating it. I tell you, "Keep it simple," and everything will turn out great, if not even better than expected.



How it's made - Fleshlight



I mean, making 300 men happy every single day, approximately 100,000 per year and millions to date - if these numbers don't say it all, I don't know what does.

Let's stop for a sec. Can you imagine, three hundred dudes from all over the world buy this ingenious male pleasure product on a daily basis. That's crazy, don't you think?


Whoever happens to be anything like me, and you like watching how stuff's made, you'll going to enjoy this one. Especially if you own one (or four) of the final products. There are a few awkward moments throughout the short documentary (you'll know what I'm talking about), still, it's awesome learning a thing or two more about the male masturbator Godzilla, Fleshlight.



Video about how world's best selling male sex toy, Fleshlight, gets made.



Personally, I don't own one, however, I did think about buying one in the past. Several times, if I am completely frank with you. Not only due to being mega curious if it's actually that good, in other words, for research. Or how some would say, for science! I am not shy to admit it that I'd also use Fleshlight for all those lonely nights when my lady is not keeping me company.

Would be fun replacing my left hand with something fresh. As a matter of fact, I might get my hands on one in the future. If so, I would probably go with with the signature series.


FYI: "The best seller is always the Pink Lady. If you are first buyer just go with the Pink Lady for the most part."
You can always upgrade your collection later, adding other fuck holes and, of course, pornstars' signatures. You gotta have them all.

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