The Story Of A Pornstar: Lexi Kartel

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Sexy blonde pornstar with piercing blue eyes, Lexi Kartel, is your fantasy lady who is all about bringing your secret desires to reality. The lady goes above and beyond with her sex scenes and always goes all in to bring the most pleasure to each and every one of her viewers. Needless to say, Lexi's fans are always filled with good vibes due to all the amazing encounters they have with her, imagining fucking her and being taking care of while watching the dirty videos.

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Lexi was born on October 14, 1992. No matter if it is an interview, a photo shoot or on the porn set, working or not, Lexi is always walking around with a bright smile which perfectly correlates with her eyes and pretty face. Immediately when seeing her, you feel better and a warm and tingling sensation hits your body and soul. Your heart warms up and you are ready to be treated like every man should be treated by a hot and sex hungry girl.


Lexi Kartel pornstar biography.

A combination of strong sex appeal and mouthwatering beauty is what you get with every Lexi Kartel porn scene. Needless to say, she always delivers and never disappoints.

Before Lexi pursued adult entertainment career professionally, she worked at a Diner and she absolutely loved it. However, when asked what she would do is she would not pursue porn career professionally, Lexi says she would try and figure it out how to do some sort of adult entertainment. Lexi was born for the industry and that is a fact.

It all began the moment blonde sweetheart, Lexi, turned 18. She was always a fan of porn and when she was of legal age, she decided to make it happen.
Browsing the internet, she found an ad and applied. The teen lady then sent the agency a collection of her pictures and they were impressed. This is pretty much how it all started for Lexi Kartel.


Sexy blonde pornstar Lexi Kartel.

Over the years of going strong in the adult industry, Lexi worked with many notable brands, like Dogfart, Penthouse and Mofos to name a few.

The majority of her friends and family are very supportive about what Lexi does for a living. Still, no one is really into talking about it in person. Sadly, not all the pornstars receive support from the closest ones. You must feel very lucky, Lexi.

Lovely lass whose body is decorated with several tattoos, Lexi loves her round butt a whole bunch, but her eyes are her favorite. Meanwhile, she does not have a favorite pornstar, but all of the girls with big boobies who can do amazing stuff in front of the camera are her favorite.

When not fucking girls and guys, Lexi Kartel likes to spend her free time outdoors. Horseback riding, snowboarding, quads and various water sports is something that keeps her busy on a day to day basis.


Story of a pornstar Lexi Kartel.

There you have it, if Lexi is a woman you have never heard for before, it is time for you to expand your view and go with the LK flow. Believe me, each and every single time you will get to enjoy lustful Lexi do what she does best, you will feel a whole new person.

For your information, Lexi Kartel does big black cocks, too, along with threesomes, lesbian scenes and a whole bunch more.




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