Suzy Rainbow Gets Fucked Hard In The Forest

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Hot Hungarian brunette youngster, Suzy Rainbow, is lost in the UK. She needed to spend some time all by herself so she escaped her home country and left her boyfriend behind. They are constantly arguing about something and she just had enough of it. Suzy needs some time off to think about it, their relationship and just her life in general. She packed her bags and flew to the UK where she does not know anyone.


When she needs a ride back, this complete stranger picks her up and offers her help. A few moments later, they are having a conversation where Suzy explains him pretty much everything. As gentleman as he is, the driver knows exactly what the young lady needs. She needs to get rid of all the stress and tension and she can achieve that with his help.

Naughty Suzy Rainbow smashed hard by a complete stranger in the forest

Their ride soon turns right and goes offroad to the middle of nowhere. They are in this field now when the fun thing begins. He is a slight pervert and rushes it a bit too quickly but to his luck, Suzy is more than comfortable about it. Instead of spending naughty moments in the car, they move outside where the fresh air allows them to fully relax and enjoy each other to the fullest.


Suzy first flashes her left boob and reveals her already super hard nipple. That view is more than beautiful. It seems all this talking to a total stranger made her horny. She is a dirty little bitch who did not know she will get pounded hard up until now.


Suzy Rainbow gives a dude a blowjob outdoors.


When outdoors, Suzy Rainbow gets ready for his cock. After he unzips his pants, his cock is already stiff what shocks young Suzy, yet makes her excited. By kneeling down, Rainbow works his rock solid schlong inside her mouth and offers him the most sensual head he has ever received.


Up until this point, Suzy still could not fully relax and forget about her boyfriend. That is about to change this very moment.


With his dong deep inside her mouth, Suzy gets filled with joy and happiness. Like the time would stop and there would be no past and no future she needs to worry about. It is all about this very moment, sucking on a stranger's machete.


From the field, they move into the forest where he eats out her pussy and makes Suzy dripping wet. It feels like she would be on the top of the world. Even if she was in a desperate need of some alone time, this is something she needed even more. Suzy just did not know it up until now.


Horny teen Suzy Rainbow nailed in the forest.


Both aroused as ever, they are ready to get the action going. Suzy turns around grabs the three and he nails her from behind in a standing doggy style position. Indeed, it makes Suzy moan and go louder than ever. After a quick standing fuck act, Suzy offers another round of sloppy blowjob before she sits on the woody and rides the living daylights out of it. Full of pleasure, Suzy gets the most out of it when she takes things in her hands. Her pussy wraps around his shaft tightly and lets them experience a ton of pleasurable sensations.


By riding him hard in various positions, Suzy Rainbow brings him to the point of no return and receives a load of spunk all over her pretty face.

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