Lola Taylor Experiences Big Creampie After Anal

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If it happens that blondes are your thing, boy, Lola Taylor will knock your socks off with this salivating anal action. Speaking of blondes, Lola is blonde even down under! How exciting does that sound? I know, right?

Wearing a tight blue dress, Lola enjoys herself outdoors, teasing with her tight and tiny body. Ain't she adorable? Plus, she wears no bra and already with her nipples hard. Is it cold out there or is she just so crazy horny all the time? I think the later would be the correct guessing, but you be the judge. Either way, her nips are poking out, and we can enjoy them to the fullest.


Blonde Lola Taylor rough anal fuck with a creampie.

Moving indoors, Lola Taylor gets joined by a big and muscular stud who is all about stuffing her tight ass. Sure, her blonde twat is tempting, too, but he will only put her cock into her asshole. As for the pink taco, he will ram it with two of his fingers while vividly penetrating her anally. And that is exactly what Lola had in mind, too. To get roughly fucked in the butt and muff finger fucked.

Young and tight she might be, however, when Lola fully relaxes, she can take massive dicks up her anus with ease. Today is one of those days when Lola gets her mind completely loose and her body as calm as possible. Hey, this dude who is about to pound her hard into her rear entrance is huge! Not to mention, gentle and passionate aren't really the words he is fond of. The talent likes to drill young and innocent girls as vigorously as possible.


Big cock for tiny blonde hottie Lola Taylor.

Will blonde teen girl, Lola Taylor, even manage him? As mentioned, her body and mind are completely calm, and she cannot wait to wrap her backdoor tightly around his big shaft. He sure is a lucky man to have such an open-minded chick fully ready for anal sex and love button fingering.

They find themselves on the couch where all the magic goes down. Without much talking and discussing the situation, Lola climbs on top of him reverse and gets her stinky filled with his schlong. Immediately, he starts to fuck the lovely lady with a fast pace. To no one's surprise, Lola is not complaining at all. Love sounds fill the room with positive vibes and hit you with a pleasurable sensation.
You cannot just stay and enjoy watching Lola Taylor drilled anally without playing with yourself anymore. It is too hot to be true. Your hand might already be there, however, if it is not, it roams all the way down to your sex part and goes to the business this very moment.


Vigorous ass fuck for petite girl Lola Taylor.

Enjoying the vivid anal fuck session, that Lola Taylor experiences with this guy. You start to have just as much fun with yourself as Lola has with his machete deep inside her butthole.

Changing the positions, Lola bends over for a doggy anal and ends up getting penetrated missionary. Smashing and smashing the tightness, his balls fill with semen and slowly reach the tip of his schlong and creampies Lola.
What a delicious anal creampie are you about to witness!

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Dirty Stepsister Sophia Leone Gets Taught A Lesson

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Ever since his father married Sophia Leone's mother, the young brunette bitch has regularly been harassing him. In one way or another, she always found a way to bully him and annoy him.
Slowly, he is having enough of it and he really needs to do something about it. But what is there to do to pay her back for everything she has ever done to him?

To his luck, one day, he finds Sophia in her bedroom, masturbating to porn. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), she forgot to close the door. Instead of being a good stepbrother, he took the opportunity to take revenge on her finally. He took out his phone and recorded the little slut playing with her pussy.


Dirty brunette stepsister Sophia Leone sucks cock.

Now, when he has the dirty video of her, he can blackmail her, and she can do nothing about it. Of course, there is no way Sophia wants him to tell her mother about it. She wants to be seen in her mother's eyes like a good girl, not a bad lass who watches pornography whenever she has a chance.


Sophia Leone learns a lesson the fuck way

That said, he is to teach her a lesson and she will do exactly as he says. She will obey every word!
Poor little stepsister will finally get a payback. The time has come for him to take things into his hands.
Guess what he is about to do? To only thing he wants from her is that tight teen twat. He wants to smash! Will Sophia be down for it? Well, duh!


Bitchy stepsis gets her twat smashed by her stepbrother.

He wants her to suck his cock badly, and after stripping down, Sophia gets on her knees and does her stepbrother orally. Boy, ever since he saw her fingering herself, he knew she must be superb at giving head, too. He was damn right for all this time. To prove it, this POV blowjob foreplay session is an excellent example that he is excellent at guessing. The youngster knows how to blow!

Like mentioned earlier, what he is really after is her pink taco. Will Sophia Leone let her stepbrother fuck her in return to delete the dirty pictures and the nasty video flick he has on his phone? Sure, the only thing that is going through her mind is how hard she will go on him after the sex and every following day. She will bully him 24/7. Question: Will he delete the content?


Tasty facial for a nasty stepsister Sophia Leone.

The dick sucking job is finished now. Sophia hops on the bed, goes on her four, exposes her tight and tanned butt and lets the bro fuck her doggy style. He is amazed by what a fresh pussyhole Sophia has. It feels magnificent! Juicy and tight, just like how he imagined it would be. Again, it seems this dude is always right!
All this foreplay and doggy action makes Sophia Leone horny as fuck and gets the most out of this lesson. As a matter of fact, she will keep on being a bad stepsister to him only to get more sex action from him. And he, well, he sure won't show the dirty stuff to their parents and keep on enjoying drilling that youthful love button. Deal done!

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Sensual Full Body Massage With A Happy Ending

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Truth be told, nothing beats a sensual full body massage that ends up with a volcanic orgasm. Young teen lady, Alice, is well aware of that. Not very often, however, every once in a while, Alice visits this hot stud, Matt, at his studio to get a session done. He is an experienced masseur who always takes good care of her.

Now, when they are quite familiar with each other, she does not have a problem stripping down and being fully naked in front of him. For your information, they already spent several super intimate sessions together. This one, well, let me just say it is quite the same as their previous meet ups just that it is all documented for your viewing pleasure. Are you ready for hot skin rubbing, pussy licking, cock sucking and fucking?


Teen Alice enjoys his soft tongue licking her pussy.

Youngster lies on the massage table and enjoys Matt's strong arms rubbing her skin. He knows precisely what feels good and what doesn't. This erotic massage quickly escalates into something more. From tits massaging, Matt moves down, over her belly and stops right in the middle of her legs, fingering her pink. After a quick clit stimulation, he dives deep in between her legs, mouth forward, and starts munching on that tight twat. It feels incredible and helps Alice lose all the tension.


Tight teen blows masseur's stiff cock after a massage.

Fully relaxed due to a great oral foreplay, Alice gets on her knees and face fucks his already rock solid cock. Things only get hotter and hotter. And that is exactly how each and every single sensual full body massage session looks like for Alice. Ain't this something what every lady enjoys in the most? Guys, this Massage-X explicit video could be a great learning lesson for you. If you haven't luxuriated your woman with a massage in a while, don't sit on it and surprise her tonight. Do exactly what Matt does in the clip above and you are good to go. Every woman likes a full body massage where you put extra attention to her ass, boobs and pussy.

Moving forward, Alice and Matt are ready to step up their private session. Slender teen lass welcomes his firm machete with her pink muffin and starts to benefit from an entirely different body kneading. Dick penetration is actually her most favorite version of a massage, if you can call it that way. No need to always use your hands rubbing the body to be considered a massage. If only they would teach such a massage at massage classes! I am sure I would sign up immediately.


Sensual full body massage with a happy ending feels the best!


Sensual full body massage for a teen with a happy ending.

As mentioned earlier, you can learn a whole bunch of things from this porn scene. Gain tips and tricks how to treat the lady right and she will start loving you even more. Not to mention, do her right and she will want more of it. MORE SEX NEVER HURT ANYBODY.

Taking her passionately from behind, Matt finally comes to the point of no return and explodes with a big load of spunk and releases it all over Alice's tiny ass.

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Candice Dare Gets Fucked Wearing Hot Black Stockings

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Are you ready to get your mind blown away by curvy, yet tight, teen blonde, Candice Dare? I don't know what is up with these teen ladies nowadays having such ridiculous bodies. They seriously drive me crazy! All over I look, there is a young lady with a smoking hot body. Why oh why weren't girls like that back when I was a teenager? I'd probably walk around with a boner 24/7 and would not give a fuck.

Luckily, in all the pornos, girls are always the same. You know how it goes, we grow older, they stay the same.


Big ass blonde teen Candice Dare blows a large dick.

I don't know about you, but I really needed some time for my brain to start processing the incredible body physique of Candice Dare. It is insane. It almost looks like her body is fake, yet it is incredibly real. Candice is tight and slim, however, her ass is big and round. Bare in mind, even if her hips are curvy, Candice still somehow manages to keep that booty firm. And when she puts on sexy black stockings suit, her whole body screams "FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD."

Before any action happens, Candice first performs a mouthwatering tease show. I am sure all the staff behind the lens were hard to stay calm and not walk around with a stiffy. Or maybe they were. I cannot judge them 'cause I would most definitely not be able to hold myself back. Dare is just to daringly sultry. Crawling on the floor and exposing that ass - your mind will probably bend, your eyes bulge and your jaw drop. Notice: this is only 10% of what you are still to witness.


Candice Dare fucked doggy wearing black stockings.

It is sunny outside what makes Candice Dare look even more gorgeous. Right there, under the clear sky, Candice encounters with an athletic and inked stud. His cock is a beast, just the way Candice likes it. No need to give it a second thought what she will do to it.
Teen babe opens her mouth wide and starts to cover the whole rod with a coating of warm saliva. From the outdoors, they move indoors where Dare continues blowing his pole. She makes sure it is ready for her incredibly tight pussy and magnificent ass. No anal, unfortunately.

From, what seems to be a complete BJ, the guy is excited enough to take things in his hands and smash Candice like there is no tomorrow. He takes her doggy style, she then rides him cowgirl, and they keep on changing positions, giving you a chance to enjoy Candice Dare's curvy butt from every angle.


A load of hot jizz all over Candice Dare's round and tight butt.

A porno featuring a girl with such unbelievable ass is something you wish would never end. You know how it goes, all good things once come to an end. The way how these two fuckers finish their sexual encounter is very likely to stay in your memory forever.

To not over complicate it for you, he pounds her in a doggy one last time and when the time comes, he quickly takes the shaft out and sprays Candice's tasty bum with a portion of hot white cock creme.

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Hollie Mack The Naughty Babysitter Wants A Baby

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Adorable blonde teen, Hollie Mack, got a call from the babysitters club to go and watch over Brad's daughter. He left for work and the baby needs to be washed and fed, as well as put to bed. Since Hollie already was over at Brad's place, she is well familiar with the house and how things work over at his place. Bare in mind, his wife is out of town for the week, too, so there will be no Mrs. Brad.

Doing the work for a long time, Hollie finally gets to the conclusion that she really likes babies and that she wants one, too. Like, right now! Do you wonder how she will get that sorted? With ease. She comes up with a plan how to seduce Brad and let him fuck her teen pussy hard and cum inside her. Even if that will not be something he is into, Hollie will make him do it no matter what.


Slutty babysitter Hollie Mack gives head.

Upon his arrival, young Hollie Mack welcomes him shirtless. He is in shock. Not only because she is topless with her tiny boobs out, but also because he never had naughty fantasies about her. When she reveals her that he had never dreamt about banging that little twat, it really does amazes her. Not to mention, she finds him very adorable.

Now, after she took care of the baby, it is time for the babysitter, Hollie, to take care of her boss,. Is he down for it? Well, work sure was stressful and a bit of relaxation would not hurt. Plus, they have the whole house all for themselves. "What the hell," thinks Brad and goes with the flow, enjoying every second spend with the naughty babysitter.


Dirty Hollie Mack needs a baby badly.

Dirty little slut takes his shoes and clothes off and goes straight to the business, sucking his already rock solid machete. He already forgot about everything and has the time of his life. If only every day would look like this after he gets home from work.

From a fulfilling facial fuck session, Brad returns the favor and goes down on Hollie Mack's fresh and tight pussy. That 18-yr-old slut needs her pussy to get licked by an old and experienced man. All this action makes Hollie horny as fuck and ready for the cock.

Spooning, doggy, riding, drilling, banging, smashing, you name it, it gets very chaotic when Hollie and Brad forget about the professionalism and go fucking instead. For both of them, it feels absolutely phenomenal. Only now, Brad thinks about why it did not happen earlier. Why she needed to wait for all this time to finally courage up and seduce him with her lovely breasts and dirtiness. Oh well, better late than never.


Hot fuck session for teen Hollie Mack with her boss.

The fuck session is going strong when Hollie Mack finally sits on the rod and rides him. She humps him, and she humps him all the way to the point of no return. When he is about to jizz, Hollie does not move at all. She stays where she is and lets him spray her twat's interior with a nice load of cum. That should definitely be enough of semen for the baby that she wants. What a dirty little bitch!

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Blondie Fesser Does Wonders With Her Butt In An Interracial

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Obviously, round and voluptuous sex doll, Blondie Fesser, is in love with chocolate guys who own a big machete. Whenever she finds a minute to go down on a BBC, she won't waste time with the romantic stuff and go straight to the business. That is how slutty Blondie is. Sure, she is always happy to share a few kisses to warm up the atmosphere. Other than that, Fesser is all about kneeling down and taking the big black cock orally.

Pretty much exactly as described above happens in this Private porno you are about to watch. Dude, seriously, you do not want to miss it. And that is exactly why we decided to feature it on the blog in case you missed it on the tube.
While on her knees, Blondie sticks the bone deep inside her oral cavity and all the way down her throat. Indeed, she deepthroats the living daylights out of his rock solid schlong. Big, small, curved, fat, you name it, Blondie does not have a gag reflex. Meaning, she can DT any size dick.


Bubble butt owning bitch Blondie Fesser takes big black cock orally.

Moreover, to give her boy even more pleasure, she sticks that dong in between her big boobs and tit fucks him. Did I already mentioned that Blondie Fesser is a real treat, taking care of the dude with all of her passion. Each time she encounters with an attractive guy, she always goes all in, making sure he is fully satisfied. Those lucky men!

To return the favor since Blondie did such an amazing job face and tit fucking his cock, he dives deep between her legs and munches on her pussy. Licking and fingering the hell out of it, he makes Blondie moist and ready for penetration. Are you ready for a hot interracial fuck session? Let's get it done.


Hot interracial fuck for curvy Blondie Fesser.

Just like how he left her lying on the bed after a satisfying foreplay, he approaches Blondie's twat and smashes her in a missionary. The moment they both have been waiting for is finally here, and they get filled with thrill and excitement.

After a round of missionary, Blondie Fesser goes on all her four, so he smashes her bubble butt doggy style. Watching that incredible ass drilled doggy will most certainly water your mouth. However, you are probably already all hot and wet with a boner or a swollen clit. Not going to lie, those curves are sexy as fuck.

When blonde and curvaceous bitch receives a proper dosage of pussy demolishing she decides it is time to take things into her own hands. First, she once again takes his cock with her mouth before she climbs on top of the rod and starts to ride him out. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style, Blondie does wonders to his dark sword.


Busty Blondie Fesser sucks BBC.

To bring fulfillment to a next level, she kneels down for one last time and waits for his jizz with her mouth wide open. Being a good girl, Blondie Fesser sucks every drop of cum out of his cock and lets it spill all over her bust. Wowza!

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Marina Visconti Bounces Her Big Boobs When Fucked

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The accent, the freshness, the magical hooters, all this and way more is what you get treated with when Russian girl, Marina Visconti appears on the screen. Your body should stay where it is, the only thing allowed to move is your penis.

Curvy lady, Marina, flew to the States straight from Moscow, Russia to meet the Team Skeet guys. And you know exactly what for. To show us her incredible body physique and her great talent and skills. Bare in mind, Marina is only 19-years-old, and her body has already matured beautifully. I really am curious how incredible she will look when in her late 20's. WOW.


Busty Russian girl Marina Visconti sucks a big cock.

Upon her arrival, Marina Visconti first tells a little about herself before she goes to the business, making guys grow boners with a tempting strip show. All our eyes are focused on that pair of tits. We want to see them so badly. However, we cannot wait to enjoy the rest of her voluptuous body, too. It is very delicious. Very bitable, if you will.

Oh yes, her amazing 34D breasts will knock your socks off. They are just perfect, and so are the nips. Wanna stick your pecker in between? Why I even ask, right?

Anyhow, now, when we got familiar with who hot Russian sex machine, Marina Visconti, is, let's learn more about her cock sucking and fucking skills. How skilled is she?


Russian bsuty pornstar Marina Visconti fucked deep.

Needless to say, the very same moment when Marina kneels down, grabs the long schlong and puts it inside her mouth, you will get hit with a great dose of sensation. Fresh blood will rush down to your private parts and make them grow and swell. You want her to do you badly. You want sexy Marina to take things in her hands and smoke your pole, too.
For now, let's put our imagination to good use and let's together enjoy the magical things Marina does to stud's big rod.

Luckily, the whole action is shot in POV, so you won't have a problem enjoying Marina doing "you."
As we all expected, Visconti (isn't this Italian?) knows exactly what she is doing and how to please a stud orally. There is something special about the Russian girls and how they play with the dongs using their hands and mouth. Very fulfilling even for the viewer. I mean, especially for the viewer.

Have you relaxed your body and mind enough so Marina Visconti can proceed to the pussy fucking part?
Moving onto the bed, Marina climbs on top of him and starts to ride the stud reverse cowgirl style. Don't you worry, you will get to enjoy every bit of it. To begin with, examine Marina's great and round butt when she slides her moist twat up and down the machete. This POV scene is already doing wonders.


Load of spunk on Marina Visconti's big boobs after hot fuck.

From peeking at her ass, Visconti turns around and continues humping and makes them big boobs bounce up and down when getting fucked hard. And this is the moment we were all waiting for. Watching the jugs do their thing while Marina enjoys the stud's member.

Bare in mind, this is not the end of the sex action. They keep on enjoying each other in a missionary and doggy style, too.
Lastly, since Marina Visconti enjoyed the American cock so much, she lets him cover her tits with all of his jizz.

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Jezabel Vessir Is A Horny Black Bitch Taking 5 Cocks

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For a horny black bitch, like Jezabel Vessir is, no amount is the right amount of cocks. I guess the more the better. When she is in need of one, Jezabel will do anything to find a dude and go kinky with it. Is that even a problem for such a hot and curvy ebony chick?

As it turns out, this is not her lucky day. Or is it really? After getting in touch with a few of her boys, Jezabel fails unexpectedly. What now? Well, instead of messaging one guy at a time, Jezabel sends out a mass message. There must be one who will be interested in fucking her this afternoon! Bare in mind, it is three o'clock, just the right hour for a nice romp. You finish your shift and off to smashing a lustful black lady - seems like a perfect plan.


Ebony Jezabel Vessir face fucks five guys with amazing style.

To Jezabel's surprise, she does not grab the attention of only one guy. Not even two or three. Five guys respond to her "Come over to my place and smash my tight pink snatch!" message. Will she even handlem them? Notice: Young lady, Jezabel has never in her life had five white cocks to play with. Will she send four home and only keep one? Of course not! She is up for a challenge.

Instead, Jezabel Vessir goes with the flow and enjoys all five of them. She is an experienced babe who does not really have a problem entertaining several studs at once. I mean, just look at her. Only looking at those sexy curves makes you filled with excitement and fulfillment. What a sexy bomb!

Guys arrive over at Jezabel's place, one at a time. Whoever the first is, she decided not to waste any of her precious time and immediately go down on him. Her moist mouth is in desperate need of a big white cock.


Horny black bitch Jezabel Vessir enjoys five studs with her mouth and with her pussy.

Expectedly, young black slut takes care of all five dudes' schlongs with great style. But face fucking them is only the beginning of this afternoon group sex activity. Gangbang anyone?
Just as much as Jezabel Vessir needs their machetes deep inside her mouth, so she wants them penetrating her deep into her pussy. Will they help her out?

While one pounds her hard, Jezabel keeps on giving head to the rest. The love sounds grow louder and Jezabel starts to experience orgasm after orgasm. Super horny sex machine cums all over their cocks. All this moaning makes the guys even more excited about their little five-on-one fuck session.


Five warm loads facial experience for ebony queen Jezabel Vessir.

One after the other, they release a nice load of spunk all over Jezabel Vessir's face and inside her mouth. Obviously, this is, as well, her first time experiencing such a massive facial. Does she enjoy it? You bet! Does she swallow it all? Well, that is up to you to find it out by enjoying the thrilling Dogfart porn video above.

As an icing on a cake, you don't only get to enjoy watching this chocolate bitch sucking, fucking and getting a facial. Moreover, Jezabel also takes a shower afterwards for your viewing pleasure. Wanna join?

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Sensual Blowjob Grows Cocks Rock Solid

2017-04-12 Comments 


Guys, I tell you one thing, this sensual blowjob will literally blow you away. That said, sit tight and enjoy every second of it. You will enjoy it so much you will even challenge yourself not to blink only not to miss a single moment of it. Indeed, this hot redhead MILF lady does a really good job sucking his rock solid cock with so much passion.

If you are only after vivid fuck shows, then you came to the wrong place. However, do yourself a favor and take a break from all that hardcore scenes where girls go absolutely berserk sucking and fucking a dick or two.
This time around, you can even light up a candle and enjoy some really romantic moments either all on your own or, by all means, invite a friend over and enjoy the sensual BJ together.


Hot redhead MILF lady performs a sensual blowjob.

To be completely frank with you, I needed to watch this sensual blowjob scene by Blowjob Utopia two times. For the first time, I was so amazed by her approach to giving head that it made me speechless. Many might say, "Hey, it's nothing special!" Wrong. You may watch it a few times in a row to really understand the whole magic behind it. This is for the mature people only! Maybe you need to grow up first.

Joke aside, this gorgeous woman is almost meditating when she slides her mouth up and down the shaft with her lips tightly wrapping around its girth. But to begin with her amazing sucking performance, she first gives his schlong a few kisses only to get it aware that some really fascinating things are about to go down. Seriously, just wait a few more moments before she grabs it by its core and attacks it with her mouth.


Incredibly gentle blowjob by a gorgeous woman.

I don't know about you, but I know I do enjoy receiving a sensual blowjob. Sure, some roughness here and there feels great but nothing beats a sensuous head from a smoking hot woman who makes sure her man is treated right. Romantic vibes through the roof!

Licking the whole length of the cock, and even sucking them balls, lady's talent is way above average. All the women out there who happen to watch this masterpiece of a BJ porn video, take some notes and surprise the guy next time you two will go on an intimate level. I tell you one thing; offering him a sensual blowjob will only make him love you even more. Luxuriate him with the basics. No need for some expensive shit and whatnot, we men are simple creatures. We need so little to be the happiest people alive. And don't forget to look in the eyes. Men like that!


Redhead hottie sucks his cock with great passion.

I recommend the following (and this goes to all the girls). Next time you get a chance to spend some private moments with your boy, don't speak. Approach him in silence, take his pants down, make him lie on the bed and go down on his penis in the most passionate way possible. He will be shocked and astound, believe me.

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Phoenix Marie Enjoys A Wicked Double Penetration

2017-04-11 Comments 


Boy oh boy are you going to witness one wild and wicked double penetration fuck session featuring busty slut, Phoenix Marie. This curvaceous brunette bitch does not have any boundaries when it comes to sex. Ass, pussy, mouth, she gives all three for penetration. Not to mention, the more vigorous one bangs her, the more excited Phoenix gets. She is one extremely dirty bitch who is in need of a hard schlong or two 24/7.

After she teases her amazing assets and gets rid of her erotic lingerie, Marie prepares herself by fingering her asshole. A hot DP is waiting for her and she needs to warm up first before the dudes arrive and completely demolish her. A fully relaxed asshole helps Phoenix reach amazing and fulfilling sensations.


Licked and ass fingered Phoenix Marie.

On her knees, Phoenix Marie starts to blow Mr. Pete and Steve Holmes. She holds their machetes by their cores and continuously inserts them deep inside her mouth and down her throat. Did I tell you that Phoenix does not have a problem with the gag reflex? Meaning, she can deepthroat any size cock with ease. The feel of a fat cock rubbing against her throat excites her. Marie knows the guys love it and she is more than happy to make it happen for everyone who encounters with her.

Notice: Marie is no stranger to licking the dude's anus, too. Believe me, this lady never disappoints.


Wicked threesome fuck session with Phoenix Marie.

Moreover, it is not only Phoenix Marie who offers exceptional oral fuck foreplay to the studs. They, too, take things in their hands and lick and finger fuck both her pussy and her asshole.
To step up their sexual intercourse and bring it to a whole new level, they first penetrate her vag and then her butt. One cock first!

Ensuring Phoenix is down to get both of her sex parts stuffed with their machetes, they form the next generation of a pile driver position. It gets very tight, however, they both bang her and double penetrate her while Phoenix lies on the flor and enjoys their schlongs giving her extra pleasure. Being stuffed deep feels absolutely the best for Phoenix. Over all these years of fucking hundreds upon hundreds of guys, she came to the conclusion that two dicks are the perfect amount for her horny mind.


Brunette bitch Phoenix Marie experiences hot double penetration.

From the floor, they later move to the couch where they continue playing around with the DP. Lustful babe Phoenix Marie does not give a fuck about anything else other than their dongs slamming her, one from the top and one from the bottom.
She starts moaning louder and louder until she begins to experience her very first vaginal and anal orgasm in unison. It confuses her when she is hit by so many pleasurable sensations at the same time. Her body starts to tremble even more and ends up shivering for a good little while after the reached orgasms. Barer in mind, the dudes are still deep inside her, pounding her and pounding.

It seems like there is no stopping for the three of them. With so much sexual energy, it looks like they could go on and on. However, slowly Pete's and Steve's cock fill with semen and splash all over this curvy whore.

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