The Story Of A Pornstar: Lexi Kartel

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Sexy blonde pornstar with piercing blue eyes, Lexi Kartel, is your fantasy lady who is all about bringing your secret desires to reality. The lady goes above and beyond with her sex scenes and always goes all in to bring the most pleasure to each and every one of her viewers. Needless to say, Lexi's fans are always filled with good vibes due to all the amazing encounters they have with her, imagining fucking her and being taking care of while watching the dirty videos.

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Lexi was born on October 14, 1992. No matter if it is an interview, a photo shoot or on the porn set, working or not, Lexi is always walking around with a bright smile which perfectly correlates with her eyes and pretty face. Immediately when seeing her, you feel better and a warm and tingling sensation hits your body and soul. Your heart warms up and you are ready to be treated like every man should be treated by a hot and sex hungry girl.


Lexi Kartel pornstar biography.

A combination of strong sex appeal and mouthwatering beauty is what you get with every Lexi Kartel porn scene. Needless to say, she always delivers and never disappoints.

Before Lexi pursued adult entertainment career professionally, she worked at a Diner and she absolutely loved it. However, when asked what she would do is she would not pursue porn career professionally, Lexi says she would try and figure it out how to do some sort of adult entertainment. Lexi was born for the industry and that is a fact.

It all began the moment blonde sweetheart, Lexi, turned 18. She was always a fan of porn and when she was of legal age, she decided to make it happen.
Browsing the internet, she found an ad and applied. The teen lady then sent the agency a collection of her pictures and they were impressed. This is pretty much how it all started for Lexi Kartel.


Sexy blonde pornstar Lexi Kartel.

Over the years of going strong in the adult industry, Lexi worked with many notable brands, like Dogfart, Penthouse and Mofos to name a few.

The majority of her friends and family are very supportive about what Lexi does for a living. Still, no one is really into talking about it in person. Sadly, not all the pornstars receive support from the closest ones. You must feel very lucky, Lexi.

Lovely lass whose body is decorated with several tattoos, Lexi loves her round butt a whole bunch, but her eyes are her favorite. Meanwhile, she does not have a favorite pornstar, but all of the girls with big boobies who can do amazing stuff in front of the camera are her favorite.

When not fucking girls and guys, Lexi Kartel likes to spend her free time outdoors. Horseback riding, snowboarding, quads and various water sports is something that keeps her busy on a day to day basis.


Story of a pornstar Lexi Kartel.

There you have it, if Lexi is a woman you have never heard for before, it is time for you to expand your view and go with the LK flow. Believe me, each and every single time you will get to enjoy lustful Lexi do what she does best, you will feel a whole new person.

For your information, Lexi Kartel does big black cocks, too, along with threesomes, lesbian scenes and a whole bunch more.




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Make Porn Not War: Free Carmella Bing XXX Videos

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Collection of free Carmella Bing XXX videos.


Curvy babe with a pair of gigantic boobs, Carmella Bing, brings joy and happiness to your body and soul every time you see her perform. She is full of energy and thrill, always ready to have some fun with men and women. Her porn scenes are all full of passion and vivid fuck action, from anal madness to threesome wilderness, gangbangs and more.

On a beautiful Friday like today is, we bring you a collection of free Carmella XXX videos that will have your rockin' in no time. Your body juices will start flowing immediately, and you will get hit with great sensation and need to fap or rub one out. Gonna get yourself ready for the weekend of adventures.

Born on October 21, 1981, Carmella Bing hails from Salem, Oregon. She began her adult career as an escort, as well as performing at bachelor parties. You might even remember her from Discovery Channel's Sexual Secrets series, episode "Alpha Dames."

Buxom brunette sex machine, Carmella came back to the industry in 2011 after giving birth to her child - no she was not HIV positive! Still, Bing eventually decided to put an end to the adult entertainment industry and pursued a new career.

Carmella might not be in the industry anymore, however, we will never forget her. She left a mark that will have busty women loving people fulfilled forever. What gets on the web stays on the web.

Free Carmella Bing XXX Videos for super bouncy fuck action

Busty brunette teases and ass fucks herself



What's better than a hot solo masturbation session featuring a voluptuous brunette sweetheart? Just add anal at the beginning, and you have the answer. Indeed, Carmella (how Italian does that sound?) throws down an epic tease show that will make your mouth salivate. She squeezes them boobies and makes the nipples hard before she picks up a red butt plug and eases it into her anus. What follows is a magical solo anal masturbation show for your viewing pleasure.

Plump chick destroyed doggy style


We started kinda slow, however, it is time to go all in and enjoy the chubby hottie, Carmella Bing, get fucked in her pussy hard.
First, you get to watch her take a cock in a missionary position. While smashing her, Carmella's monster hooters bounce all over the place. Not only that, she even sandwiches his shaft and lets him slide his dong in between the melons.
Second, Carmella goes on all her four and enjoys the muscular stud destroy her tunnel of love in a doggy position.

Threesome blowjob goes out of control


Just as professionally as Carmella can take XXL shafts with her va-jay-jay and butthole, so does she master any cock size with her mouth. Face fucking is something she likes to practice over and over again. And when you give her two or more dongs to play with, Bing gets even more excited. Her juicy pussy gets even wetter when they vividly face bang her, one at a time. Not to mention, Carmella is totally fine if something unexpected happens. It arouses her even more and makes her put 110% of her effort into taking care of the dudes.

A double penetration with three guys gives her epic pleasure



A woman without boundaries will take things in a way you can only imagine. When Carmella Bing appears on screen, some serious stuff will happen that will fulfill even the dirtiest fantasies you may have.
This time around, she takes three cocks at the same time, one with her pink taco, the other with her stinky and the third one orally. Does she struggle? Of course not, you silly. Carmella never has a problem with being surrounded by several rock solid machetes. As a matter of fact, Bing absolutely loves being completely stuffed, from the back and from the front.

The sloppiest blowbang before anal ramming


Are you ready for something very special? You are about to witness one of the sloppiest blowbangs ever in your life. That said, sit tight, relax and enjoy the drooling oral fucking that you were all secretly wishing for. With Bing, everyone can become a reality. Bear in mind, the whole blowbang thing is only a warm up before the anal gangbang. So many things go down in one video that I am sure you will need to rewatch a few times. Enjoy.


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Pornstars Teach Dads New Sex Positions

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Dads, learn new sex positions with Cherie and Charles


Everyone has the rights to learn new sex positions, right? Even dads need to keep themselves educated about new sex moves they would use on moms next time they find some free time to jump between the sheets and spend some intimate moments together.

After all, no one wants sex to get lame over time. And we all know how easily this can happen. A married couple who is together for 20 years, heck, 30 or 40, might not be as lustful anymore as they were when they first met. When years go by, some stuff simply fades away. Everyone who is in this situation, it is time for a change. It is never too late to try something new. Feel free to experiment with sex no matter the age.


Pornstars teach dads advanced sex positions.

I know, your kids might be disgust by the idea of their parents still having a wild sex. Don't bother, they will get used to it. Like they would not be doing it, huh? It is about you and a happy marriage. You know how crucial it is to be sexually active. When sex is bad, everything is bad. That is a plain and simple truth.

Anyhow, all the dads out there, today, you are going to learn new sex positions. Are you excited, yet?

You are joined by no other than Trendzz's aka Brezzers' hosts, Cherie DeVille and Charles Dera, to go through some of the more advanced sex poses. To quickly go through the positions, you will learn how to execute the Pinwheel, the Wheelbarrow and the Electric Slide.


Adult stars teach dads wild new sex moves.

You might already be familiar with some of the positions, still, watch with your eyes wide open and do not miss a single tip and trick provided by Cherie and Charles.

You know what, everyone is down to teach himself or herself about sex. When it gets fun and against the grain compared to how the current sex looks likes, some might get uncomfortable. It is not about the fact that they would not want to do it. What I noticed is the lack of mobility and energy the older couples have. That said, I would highly suggest everyone to never stop working out and even take some yoga classes. Just do it, and you will thank me later.


Dads learn new sex positions from Cherie DeVille and Charles Dera.

Hint: there's plenty free videos on YouTube that will keep your body in shape.

The fact of the matter is, you get rusty if you don't stay physically active throughout your whole life. Even the mundane stuff become hard to accomplish, and you start to struggle more and more.


Don't get rusty in bed!

At least do some yoga a few times a week, and you will feel fresh forever. Your body will feel young, and you will easily practice all these sex positions. Sticking your tools into your wive's pink muffins would never feel dull. Only because you will be able to continuously test new things and maybe even invent some signature moves that will bring both to reach explosive climaxes.


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13 Porn Quotes From Pornstar Kayden Kross

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Top porn quotes from adult star Kayden Kross.


"God dammit my pants are on inside out again today."- Kayden Kross


To keep yourself entertained on a daily basis with everything pornography, following pornstars, like Kayden Kross, on Twitter will get the job done for you. Sometimes, you just need that funny tweet or a quote, so to say, that will make your day complete. The masters at marketing themselves on social media are no other than your favorite adult actresses. I guess all those marketing agencies can learn a whole lot of innovative approaches how to reach out a wider audience from the adult film performers.


Let's face it, no one gives back as much as adult film stars do. That is a fact.


Today we dug deeper into the Kayden Kross Twitter account to find funny, wise or educational porn quotes. Surprisingly, I though Kayden would be posting more quotes-like tweets, however, we still managed to put together a list of lines that will remember you what a cool babe Kross is forever.

By the way, you do know that Kayden Kross is married to the famous French adult actor, Manuel Ferrara, right? If not, you know now. You are welcome.


Busty blonde pornstar Kayden Kross shares interesting stuff on her Twitter.


Not only are they shooting porn together, they might just be one of the funniest porn couples in the world. If you only want to follow one porn couple, I tell you, Kayden and Manuel should be the one. They will have your entertained forever. From funny mundane stuff to hilarious video series and last but definitely not least, mouthwatering porn scenes. Kayden Kross along with her muscular husband, Manuel, will have you sorted all day every day.


But Kayden is so much more than just a pornstar. She is a columnist, appears on various podcasts, does shows and runs her official website successfully. A busy woman who never forgets about her devoted fans base.

We will leave you with, "You ever lay around thinking about cake and let your sugar addiction and laziness duke it out?"


1. "You ever lay around thinking about cake and let your sugar addiction and laziness duke it out?"
2. "Why can't we prorate our tax years to account for times when the government is out of service?"
3. "You ever block your face w/ your phone so you can keep up w/ nude selfies but also not have to put makeup on?"
4. "If you don't like my tweets you're fake news."
5. "That giant cupcake I just ate is a perfect example of what happens when you leave a giant cupcake in the room."
6. "The difference between sitting at a desk all day and sitting on the couch all day is zero as long as there was a laptop."


Random tweets and quotes by Kayden Kross.

7. "Watching porn like it's my job."
8. "Now that there aren't plenty of fish in the sea, have we come up with replacement cliches for newly single people?"
9. "It just seems like the plural form of MILF should be Milves."
10. "First rule of mental health: pick the mental health expert who agrees with you."
11. "I don’t understand why Trump gets to poke at how women look when he walks around looking like a windswept kumquat."
12. "I'm looking for a magic potion that will get everything done for me and also make my ass look good."
13. "I miss 7th grade. That was the year that expectations were most in line with my true level of competency."



Make sure you don't miss a thing from Kayden and follow her on Twitter.

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Solo Sex Study And International Masturbation Month

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People behind the 40 years old sex toy shop, God Vibrations, conducted a study where they looked into the usage of vibrators and general masturbation. There are some cool findings but first: did you know that the month of May is the International Masturbation Month?

I know, we are late, but hey, masturbation month should be every month.

The iconic adult pleasure toys shop founded the month dedicated to masturbating back in 1995. It made the company founders click after US’s first African-American surgeon general, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, lost her job due publicly announcing that self-pleasure should be discussed amongst young people's sex education. It was a big no for the government, and they simply fired her. Like no one would be jerking off and rubbing one out themselves, right?


Masturbation and the usage of vibrators amongst people.

The International Masturbation Month by Good Vibrations was found and they started celebrating it all over the world. Ever since, they aim to raise awareness about the importance of the self-stimulation for almost every individual. "It's safe, it's healthy, it's free, it's pleasurable and it helps people get to know their bodies and their sexual responses."

It is still very surprising how some people are truly afraid to talk about the self-sex. I get it if it is for religious reasons or whatever, still, aren't we all having sex with ourselves? It is important, not to mention, the most common, fun and natural sex act. Taking care of yourself down under is good for your body and mind.

For your information, Good Vibrations picked May because it symbolizes sexual awakening. Plus, May and Masturbation both start with "M."


Masturbation survey finds how people like to use vibrators.

Now let's finally learn more about the survey about self-pleasure and vibrators.

First and foremost, 30 percent of 375 people surveyed said that they got familiar with vibrators by watching pornographic movies. You see, porn is good for you, too. You can definitely learn all bunch of good stuff that can spice things up when you are solo or with a partner. However, never forget that conversation matters the most.

Moreover, findings show that more than 70 percent of users prefer vibes for clitoral stimulation and half of them enjoy wand's vibrations the most.

Further down the line, 60% use vibes both during solo and partnered sex sessions. When asked about the location, the majority likes to use the vibrating sex toy in bed the most. Many also find a lot of pleasure when the partner uses it on them.


Solo sex -study and the International Masturbation Month.

The final question, "What is the most important about a vibrator to people?" Surprisingly, an affordable price is not the number one priority to the respondents. As it turns out, people care the most about the body safe materials.

Is the material first and the pricing second for you too?

Now you know a thing or two more about the usage of vibrators and solo sex.

Masturbation should never be something that you are not comfortable chatting about. It is something almost as natural as breathing. And the person who you are having a conversation with, they are probably doing it too.

Why do we get uncomfortable talking about something as common as masturbation is? We people sure are weird.

The Story Of A Pornstar: Aletta Ocean

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One of the biggest stars in Europe (maybe the biggest?), Hungarian porn actress, Aletta Ocean, is one sure not to be missed. Her voluptuous body, big lips, exotic look and strong sex appeal drive every man and woman around the world crazy. Deal with it, you simply cannot hold yourself back when Aletta gets things done in front of the camera. Either it is an erotic photo shoot or the wildest XXX video, this tempting star always gives it all of her efforts and never disappoints with what she releases.

It all happened for Aletta Ocean back in 2007, when she was 19 years old. This was the year when porn superstar, Aletta, entered the adult entertainment business. Surprisingly, she joined the industry because of a boyfriend. I know, right? In the early stages of their relationship, Aletta had no real idea who he is. She was not aware of his true identity at all. Being an "event organizer," he always needed to cancel their Saturday "meetings."

One day, Aletta had enough if it and googled him. She found out that he is a stripper, called him and let him know the she knows everything. Moreover, she later on even found out that he did porn, too. Being a young girl, Aletta was disappointed, however, a year later, it intrigued her too much and took the plunge. "It was a revenge," Aletta told in an interview for Private.


Aletta Ocean pornstar biography.

Speaking of Private, Aletta Ocean shot her very first scene for the company in August 2017. It was a very long, 7-day shooting that will stay in her mind forever. Proper start of her porn career, indeed.

Let's get back to what truly motivated Alexa to get involved in the Smut world. Sure, her ex-boyfriend was one of the main reasons, still, if she would not be an exhibitionist at heart, Aletta would probably never be having sex in front of the lens and earning big bucks doing it.

Thinking about people around the globe fapping to her porn scenes makes Aletta hot. It is a real turn on and it helps her drive forward, producing content and entertaining followers.

As far as Aletta's pre-porn sex experience goes, listen carefully, she waited until her 18th birthday. Can you imagine? It was with an attractive tennis player who she let know about her virginity no sooner than mid-sex. I bet he felt proud. Especially nowadays, being the first guy who Aletta Ocean had sex with.


Hungarian pornstar Aletta Ocean bio.

Millionaire pornstar, Aletta, scored two AVN awards in 2010. She was crowned Female Foreign Performer of the Year and won the Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production.
FYI: Ocean won Miss Tourism Hungary at the age of 19.

Generally speaking, Aletta is not a lesbian, however, she is perfectly fine to work with really beautiful women. If you have several hot chicks interested in working with Aletta, boy, she would be down for a lesbian gangbang almost immediately. But at the end of the day, Aletta prefers shooting boy-girl scenes the most.

In 2008, Aletta got her first boob job which was from 34C to D and in 2010 she grew to DD. But boob job was not the only surgery Aletta had. She had other surgeries (face), too.

Being in the industry for a long time, Aletta still is the jealous type. Plus, she does not believe in the open relationships. That's not true love, she says.

In her private life, Aletta Ocean masturbates regularly - sometimes even five times a day! Bear in mind, she then might have a whole week break from fingering herself. Makes sense.


The story of a pornstar - Aletta Ocean.

As far as sex goes, the more she has it, the more she wants it. But she prefers a mixture of rough and gentle sex. Only one type would never truly satisfy Aletta.
Shockingly, if sex would be taken away from her, Aletta would be fine, just as well. I bet those fingers must be doing wonders (after all, she does not use toys much).

Anal or no anal? Anal, of course, but no such things as ass-to-mouth and similar. Double penetration? That is one of Aletta's favorite, it makes her feel stuffed.

All this and a ton more is what you can find in a wide selection of wild and wicked and soft and gentle porn scenes featuring the one and only, Aletta Ocean.




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Make Porn Not War: Free Brandi Love XXX Videos

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Free MILF Brandi Love XXX videos.

Any time you sense hunger to fulfill your horny needs, look no further and enjoy yourself some hot MILF action from Brandi Love.
Years upon years of experience enabled this sexy lady with an extraordinary body to fulfill all of your secret desires. Brandi always goes all in and brings to your screens the most satisfying sex scenes ever. One thing is for sure, Brandi never disappoints.

It is Friday and we at Sun Porno decided to bring something special to you. Each week, there will be a new Make Porn Not War feature with which we will further promote pornography and include some of the best free porn videos for you. Not to mention, it is Friday and you need to get ready for the weekend, too. No better way to kick it off with some good old porn flicks.

Free Brandi Love XXX videos to feed MILF cravings

Epic threesome makes him the luckiest stud

Hot blondes, teen Lia Lor and MILF Brandi, enjoy each other outdoors on a sunny day. Kissing on the bench quickly escalates into something more. Something exceptionally hot if you will. From fully clothed, you later on find them naked, eating each other out in the jacuzzi.
After warming up their bodies and filling each other with a dose of horny vibes, the babes move indoors where they surprise a lucky stud with an unforgettable threesome fuck session.

MILF is always in desperate need of a fresh rod

You probably know it by know, however, we should mention it one more time. A voluptuous woman, like Brandi Love is, is always ready and set to ride young boy's rock solid schlong. Having a ton of sex energy, she can keep up with just about anybody. Even if it calls for an hours-long sex session, Brandi won't stop up until he ejaculates all over her pretty face and perfect pair of boobs. A dream miss, indeed.

From taking a bath to enjoying an athletic gent

Who knows what she was doing beforehand, but right now, Brandi Love will get rid of her sexy angel-like outfit and take a bath. She strips down super seductively and enjoys the warm water covering every inch of her body. Her mind starts racing like crazy and makes her aroused, think about how amazing it would be fooling around.
To Brandi's luck, a true gentleman joins her and goes straight to business, taking care of her already wet pussy. To return the favor, she dries up and they together move to the bedroom for a round of cock sucking.
Both aroused and ready for the action, they introduce their fuck parts and bang in various positions until Brandi sucks him dry.

Your favorite MILF cowgirl Brandi Love gets smashed on the porch

She is gorgeous, she is enticing and she is a hard worker, a real wifey material. Cowgirl Brandi does what needs to be done on the farm and even takes care of a big and stiff machete. A girl who always takes care of her man even if it's after hours and hours of hard work on a hot summer day.
Love goes down on her knees and wraps her warm lips tightly around the shaft and starts sliding her mouth up and down its length. She makes the dong throb in no time and the man aroused and ready to penetrate her pink muffin from behind in a standing position.

Mature woman seduces boyfriend with ease


You know what, no matter who you are, when Brandi Love gets rid of the towel and reveals her toothsome body, it is impossible for one to hold himself (or herself) back. In fact, one does not even have time to rethink the situation because Brandi acts quickly.
Teen Natalia Starr's boyfriend is in shock when Brandi goes naked in front of him and starts to kiss his lips. She strokes his cock, spreads her legs wide and lets him munch on her well-trimmed pussy. With body juices on full whack, Natalia joins them for a threesome that they will most definitely practice more often from now on.


Follow this sexy mature and experienced woman, Brandi, on Twitter.

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LELO Will Remember 2017 Memorial Day Weekend Forever

2017-06-01 Comments 


The 2017 Memorial Day weekend will be remembered forever over at LELO. Its U.S. warehouse in Las Vegas got robbed not only once but twice. The official statement says that it was "an eventful Memorial Day weekend."

The first robbery took place on Saturday, May 26, at approx. 7:45 pm. The following day, thieves returned to pick up another batch of sex goodies.

Reportedly, they stole more that 30,000 Lelo HEX condoms, along with other sex toys, like butt plugs (33), kegel exercising aids (48) and more.

Damn son, someone must be extremely horny.

Like they would plan it, the first day (Saturday) it was the condoms day. Two burglars entered the warehouse from the back gate and stole boxes of the new and revolutionized HEX condom. You know, the condom that is almost unbreakable which one part of the Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen is the advocate of.



Then, on a Sunday, May 27th, 2017, they crashed their car reverse through the loading dock gate. They were in such a hurry they even needed to break the rear window. Dude, what year are these thieves living in? Or they might be living the eco lifestyle, not polluting the air with air conditioning. Free A/C.
The security footage shows one man running into the LELO warehouse, picking boxes of male and female pleasure devices, valued up to $219 apiece.

It sure does look like these fellas know exactly what they were after. Or maybe they broke into only due to the fact of the new and shiny warehouse. If the latter is the case, boy, I am sure it was a pleasant surprise for them when they got back home and opened the boxes.


In an article published on their official page, LELO jokes, "WHAT KIND OF PARTY ARE THESE PEOPLE HAVING. We could have done the sponsorship or something. A friggin' invite might have been nice."

What truly makes the burglars real boneheads is the fact that LELO is set to give away thousands of HEX condoms for free anyway. You could at least wait.

Pavle Sedic, the president of LELO U.S. told AVN that at this point, they would be happy if the thieves would use the condoms themselves. He adds, "We're currently working with the police to identify those responsible and ask members of the public to get in touch."

LELO stated that they would greatly appreciate if you have any information that could help identify the criminals. If so, please contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.


If the villains get caught, the sex toys company will donate the full retail value of the stolen pleasurable goods to a charity of choice of the person or a group of people who help the LVMPD catch the robbers.

Anyone who has any information hit up LVMPD over at

By the way, the fools don't even wear any masks, plus, the registration plate number on the SUV can be recognized, right? Oh yeah, it can be stolen or whatever.
At the end of the day, I am sure someone will be able to help the LVMPD to catch these tools.

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13 Porn Quotes From Pornstar Asa Akira

2017-05-31 Comments 

Porn quotes by Asian pornstar Asa Akira.


The silly, yet serious, porn quotes from Asa Akira


Everyone who is following their favorite pornstars on social media knows how fun they can be. To keep their trustworthy followers updated on a regular basis, they are posting a ton of interesting stuff. Aside from all the sexy content, like pictures and videos, you can also find a ton of tweets, quotes, sayings or whatever you want to call them.

Since we find so many wise words said from your favorite adult actresses, we decided to launch a brand new feature here on Sun Porno.

To make a long story short, we simply called it, Porn Quotes. Each week, we will put together a list of intelligent, clever, hilarious, silly, bizarre and controversial quotes pornstars posted to their social media accounts. We will mainly focus on their Twitter profiles since Twitter is one of those platforms that allows quite a lot.

To kick it off, we examined none other than Asa Akira's Twitter in great detail. Man, this smoking hot Asian star knows damn well how to keep her following base entertained on a daily basis.


Asian pornstar Asa Akira is one of the must silliest adult performers.

Either she will make you laugh your ass off with her hilariousness, or your mouth will water due to pictures and videos of her ridiculous body, Asa never disappoints.

The sexy Asian woman with an award-winning asshole, Asa Akira, will always make sure you are up to date with what is going on over at her end. Either it is a short clip of a dog taking a poop on a beautiful Sunday or thinking out loud whether or not she will ever be a porn MILF, boys and girls, by following her on Twitter you will consistently be treated right.

Nothing is truly holding Asa back. She will freely let you know what is her fuck fantasy, her favorite pizza spot and where you can find her flashing her boobs randomly. Hint: Whole Foods.

A girl without any real boundaries if you will.

Anyhow, enough of me blabbering, let's together get a dose of wise words from the one and only, Asa Akira.


1. "The only good shower sex is when you do it alone."
2. "It's weird that blowjob is 3rd base. It should be: 1. kissing, 1.5. boob touch, 2. jerkoff/fingering, 3. sex, 3.5. anal and 4. oral sex"
3. "If you wouldn't fuck him, don't blow him."
4. "Listen to your mother, always do your butthole exercises."
5. "What is this thing? I guess I'll put it in my butt and find out."
6. "I can only assume I don't know what dating is because I'm so easy."


Random tweets by sexy pornstar Asa Akira.


7. "Sometimes life is going great & I accidentally remember SteveO giving himself papercuts on his mouth in Jackass. So no, I'll never be happy."

8. "Sometimes you just need to pull over for a quickie."
9. "Masturbation is the breakfast of champions."
10. "You know you're underdressed for your office job when the Uber driver asks if you're going to the gym."
11. "When hot white guys wear glasses they look like serial killers."
12. "I would literally rather die than to ever leave my house on Black Friday again."
13. "Lately, it feels like I pull my back every time I bend over. And I bend over a lot."

Girls, I would definitely take the 3rd quote into consideration. And the number 8 makes total sense, too.


Make sure you never miss a thing and follow Asa on Twitter.

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Pornstars Share Their Embarrassing Porn Stories

2017-05-30 Comments 



Your favorite pornstars get asked a question, "Do you have an embarrassing porn story?"

We were all once put in an embarrassing situation. If someone says he or she hasn't yet felt ashamed, boy, they sure must be lying to you.

Anyhow, it does not always get that pretty on a porn set. All bunch of shit happens during shooting a porn scene. Especially the shit part. When it comes to anal, there is quite a good chance some poop will leak out. And the newbies, well, it does happen that they will use an enema the wrong way. What to say, they are only learning the process.

Meanwhile, the girl forgets that period is coming, and she ends up covering the partner with blood. Call for a periodpie!


Shameful porn scene stories by adult actresses.

I could not hold myself back from not putting some of the embarrassing porn stories in text. What can I say, while some of them are extremely disgusting, they will probably also make you laugh.

One thing: I hope this won't ruin your porn consumption. Whoever watches this silly Wood Rocket video, you better postpone watching pornography until tomorrow.


Some of the embarrassing porn stories

Kiki Daire accidentally squirted in the camera guy, right between the eyes. Lucky guy, I guess.

Abella Danger can't really think of an embarrassing moment. The fact is, she isn't afraid to act like an idiot at all.


Pornstars share their embarrassing porn stories.

On the other hand, Cherie DeVille is a clumsy person, making an ass out of herself all the time.

British ebony queen, Jasmine Webb, has a ton to share. When doing anal, you know, some poop may come out. She adds, "When sucking a dick and you are doing it a little too much you may throw up over the cock." All this might sound nasty to you, however, it does not bother Jasmine much. You wipe it off and continue with the action.

The moment that embarrasses Mick Blue the most is when he meets the "new" girl and she ends up being the girl he shot her very first boy-girl scene with. Mick, Mick, you getting old, huh? Or simply too many girls to bother remembering?


Your favorite pornstars share embarrassing porn stories.

The always shy-looking Charlotte Sartre's most shameful scene was her first gangbang scene. She had no idea that you need to empty the enema bottle, what ended up causing a laxative effect and she shit all over everybody. Poor Charlotte was crying in the bathroom.

Similar to Charlotte, nobody freaking told Leya Falcon that you can clean your butthole. They gave her enema, she stuffed her asshole with it and the poop just could not stay inside anymore. She still got her bum stuffed for the very first time and it was disgusting AF.

Hint: You pour the liquid out, fill it with warm water and clean the asshole. That's what enemas are for.


Disgusting and unpleasant porn shooting stories.

Adorable blonde sweetheart, Piper Perri had to do a creampie scene, and it was one of her first shootings in the adult entertainment industry. When they were to shoot the final cut - the creampie - something unexpected happen. Instead of a creampie, it was a periodpie. Oops.

Surprisingly, Piper has another period story. This one time, a girl was sitting on her face and Piper was doing her with her fingers, all of a sudden, the camera crew went, "Wow, what is that?" Well, the other lady just started her period right on Piper Perri's face.


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