Hollie Mack The Naughty Babysitter Wants A Baby

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Adorable blonde teen, Hollie Mack, got a call from the babysitters club to go and watch over Brad's daughter. He left for work and the baby needs to be washed and fed, as well as put to bed. Since Hollie already was over at Brad's place, she is well familiar with the house and how things work over at his place. Bare in mind, his wife is out of town for the week, too, so there will be no Mrs. Brad.

Doing the work for a long time, Hollie finally gets to the conclusion that she really likes babies and that she wants one, too. Like, right now! Do you wonder how she will get that sorted? With ease. She comes up with a plan how to seduce Brad and let him fuck her teen pussy hard and cum inside her. Even if that will not be something he is into, Hollie will make him do it no matter what.


Slutty babysitter Hollie Mack gives head.

Upon his arrival, young Hollie Mack welcomes him shirtless. He is in shock. Not only because she is topless with her tiny boobs out, but also because he never had naughty fantasies about her. When she reveals her that he had never dreamt about banging that little twat, it really does amazes her. Not to mention, she finds him very adorable.

Now, after she took care of the baby, it is time for the babysitter, Hollie, to take care of her boss,. Is he down for it? Well, work sure was stressful and a bit of relaxation would not hurt. Plus, they have the whole house all for themselves. "What the hell," thinks Brad and goes with the flow, enjoying every second spend with the naughty babysitter.


Dirty Hollie Mack needs a baby badly.

Dirty little slut takes his shoes and clothes off and goes straight to the business, sucking his already rock solid machete. He already forgot about everything and has the time of his life. If only every day would look like this after he gets home from work.

From a fulfilling facial fuck session, Brad returns the favor and goes down on Hollie Mack's fresh and tight pussy. That 18-yr-old slut needs her pussy to get licked by an old and experienced man. All this action makes Hollie horny as fuck and ready for the cock.

Spooning, doggy, riding, drilling, banging, smashing, you name it, it gets very chaotic when Hollie and Brad forget about the professionalism and go fucking instead. For both of them, it feels absolutely phenomenal. Only now, Brad thinks about why it did not happen earlier. Why she needed to wait for all this time to finally courage up and seduce him with her lovely breasts and dirtiness. Oh well, better late than never.


Hot fuck session for teen Hollie Mack with her boss.

The fuck session is going strong when Hollie Mack finally sits on the rod and rides him. She humps him, and she humps him all the way to the point of no return. When he is about to jizz, Hollie does not move at all. She stays where she is and lets him spray her twat's interior with a nice load of cum. That should definitely be enough of semen for the baby that she wants. What a dirty little bitch!

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