Dirty Stepsister Sophia Leone Gets Taught A Lesson

2017-04-21 Comments 

Ever since his father married Sophia Leone's mother, the young brunette bitch has regularly been harassing him. In one way or another, she always found a way to bully him and annoy him.
Slowly, he is having enough of it and he really needs to do something about it. But what is there to do to pay her back for everything she has ever done to him?

To his luck, one day, he finds Sophia in her bedroom, masturbating to porn. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), she forgot to close the door. Instead of being a good stepbrother, he took the opportunity to take revenge on her finally. He took out his phone and recorded the little slut playing with her pussy.


Dirty brunette stepsister Sophia Leone sucks cock.

Now, when he has the dirty video of her, he can blackmail her, and she can do nothing about it. Of course, there is no way Sophia wants him to tell her mother about it. She wants to be seen in her mother's eyes like a good girl, not a bad lass who watches pornography whenever she has a chance.


Sophia Leone learns a lesson the fuck way

That said, he is to teach her a lesson and she will do exactly as he says. She will obey every word!
Poor little stepsister will finally get a payback. The time has come for him to take things into his hands.
Guess what he is about to do? To only thing he wants from her is that tight teen twat. He wants to smash! Will Sophia be down for it? Well, duh!


Bitchy stepsis gets her twat smashed by her stepbrother.

He wants her to suck his cock badly, and after stripping down, Sophia gets on her knees and does her stepbrother orally. Boy, ever since he saw her fingering herself, he knew she must be superb at giving head, too. He was damn right for all this time. To prove it, this POV blowjob foreplay session is an excellent example that he is excellent at guessing. The youngster knows how to blow!

Like mentioned earlier, what he is really after is her pink taco. Will Sophia Leone let her stepbrother fuck her in return to delete the dirty pictures and the nasty video flick he has on his phone? Sure, the only thing that is going through her mind is how hard she will go on him after the sex and every following day. She will bully him 24/7. Question: Will he delete the content?


Tasty facial for a nasty stepsister Sophia Leone.

The dick sucking job is finished now. Sophia hops on the bed, goes on her four, exposes her tight and tanned butt and lets the bro fuck her doggy style. He is amazed by what a fresh pussyhole Sophia has. It feels magnificent! Juicy and tight, just like how he imagined it would be. Again, it seems this dude is always right!
All this foreplay and doggy action makes Sophia Leone horny as fuck and gets the most out of this lesson. As a matter of fact, she will keep on being a bad stepsister to him only to get more sex action from him. And he, well, he sure won't show the dirty stuff to their parents and keep on enjoying drilling that youthful love button. Deal done!

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