The Story Of A Pornstar: Aletta Ocean

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One of the biggest stars in Europe (maybe the biggest?), Hungarian porn actress, Aletta Ocean, is one sure not to be missed. Her voluptuous body, big lips, exotic look and strong sex appeal drive every man and woman around the world crazy. Deal with it, you simply cannot hold yourself back when Aletta gets things done in front of the camera. Either it is an erotic photo shoot or the wildest XXX video, this tempting star always gives it all of her efforts and never disappoints with what she releases.

It all happened for Aletta Ocean back in 2007, when she was 19 years old. This was the year when porn superstar, Aletta, entered the adult entertainment business. Surprisingly, she joined the industry because of a boyfriend. I know, right? In the early stages of their relationship, Aletta had no real idea who he is. She was not aware of his true identity at all. Being an "event organizer," he always needed to cancel their Saturday "meetings."

One day, Aletta had enough if it and googled him. She found out that he is a stripper, called him and let him know the she knows everything. Moreover, she later on even found out that he did porn, too. Being a young girl, Aletta was disappointed, however, a year later, it intrigued her too much and took the plunge. "It was a revenge," Aletta told in an interview for Private.


Aletta Ocean pornstar biography.

Speaking of Private, Aletta Ocean shot her very first scene for the company in August 2017. It was a very long, 7-day shooting that will stay in her mind forever. Proper start of her porn career, indeed.

Let's get back to what truly motivated Alexa to get involved in the Smut world. Sure, her ex-boyfriend was one of the main reasons, still, if she would not be an exhibitionist at heart, Aletta would probably never be having sex in front of the lens and earning big bucks doing it.

Thinking about people around the globe fapping to her porn scenes makes Aletta hot. It is a real turn on and it helps her drive forward, producing content and entertaining followers.

As far as Aletta's pre-porn sex experience goes, listen carefully, she waited until her 18th birthday. Can you imagine? It was with an attractive tennis player who she let know about her virginity no sooner than mid-sex. I bet he felt proud. Especially nowadays, being the first guy who Aletta Ocean had sex with.


Hungarian pornstar Aletta Ocean bio.

Millionaire pornstar, Aletta, scored two AVN awards in 2010. She was crowned Female Foreign Performer of the Year and won the Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production.
FYI: Ocean won Miss Tourism Hungary at the age of 19.

Generally speaking, Aletta is not a lesbian, however, she is perfectly fine to work with really beautiful women. If you have several hot chicks interested in working with Aletta, boy, she would be down for a lesbian gangbang almost immediately. But at the end of the day, Aletta prefers shooting boy-girl scenes the most.

In 2008, Aletta got her first boob job which was from 34C to D and in 2010 she grew to DD. But boob job was not the only surgery Aletta had. She had other surgeries (face), too.

Being in the industry for a long time, Aletta still is the jealous type. Plus, she does not believe in the open relationships. That's not true love, she says.

In her private life, Aletta Ocean masturbates regularly - sometimes even five times a day! Bear in mind, she then might have a whole week break from fingering herself. Makes sense.


The story of a pornstar - Aletta Ocean.

As far as sex goes, the more she has it, the more she wants it. But she prefers a mixture of rough and gentle sex. Only one type would never truly satisfy Aletta.
Shockingly, if sex would be taken away from her, Aletta would be fine, just as well. I bet those fingers must be doing wonders (after all, she does not use toys much).

Anal or no anal? Anal, of course, but no such things as ass-to-mouth and similar. Double penetration? That is one of Aletta's favorite, it makes her feel stuffed.

All this and a ton more is what you can find in a wide selection of wild and wicked and soft and gentle porn scenes featuring the one and only, Aletta Ocean.




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