Samia Duarte Drilled Deep In Her Pussy By A Masseur

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Poor Latina girl, Samia Duarte, is in desperate need of a massage. Sadly, her masseur is running late. Where is he?! She is pissed and about to leave when he finally arrives. To top it all up, he wants her to go fully naked for the massage. "What kind of a massage is this?" thinks Samia Duarte. She already waited for all this time, and there is no way she will miss it now. Hopefully, he will pay special attention to her whole body or else she will require a refund. Let's find out what happens.


When finally going for it, she strips down and lies on the table. She is super shy at first but eventually, she goes with the flow and fully relaxes her body and mind. After all, the masseur sure is attractive, and she does not mind having his strong hands taking care of her sexy body.


Horny Latina enjoys a full body massage.

Spraying her with massage oil, Samia Duarte is one step closer to finding out how good of a masseur he is. Rubbing her incredible body with amazing style, the dude soon comes to her breasts. He takes good care of them, rubbing them and squeezing them.
From the boobs, he moves down to her belly and finally comes to her sex part. "What will he do next?!" Samia isn't really sure yet if she will let him rub her pussy, too. However, when he starts to massage the area around her twat, she is hooked. She immediately wants more. More of his skilled arms massaging her pink and clitoris.


Hot Latina Samia Duarte takes a large cock orally.


All this massage action makes Duarte extremely horny. For now, she is only fantasizing about his machete. "I bet it must be huge," wonders Samia. Not much time passes when his cock is out, hard and placed straight in front of her face.
In amazement and since he did such a surprisingly good job rubbing her skin, Samia is ready to return the favor in form of a salivating oral sex performance.


Smoking hot Latina babe, Duarte is down to bring her massage experience to a whole new level, kneels down and starts to give her hot masseur head. What can I say, this lady sure does know how to blow.


Samia Duarte gets her pussy fucked after an erotic massage.


Both aroused and full of excitement, they begin with sexual intercourse on a chair. Samia goes on her knees and receives a proper pounding from behind. He nails her hard and cannot wait to move to the table where he can practice other positions on her, too. You know, all in the name of a full body massage. That said, her pussy walls sure do get a dose of proper rubbing just as well as her body got several minutes ago.


Is she still pissed? Of course not, you silly! Samia is full of thrill, enjoying getting taken care of by this excellent masseur. Pounding and pounding that juicy taco, he eventually comes to the point of no return and nourishes her pretty face with a solid load of semen.


How long will it take Samia to return for another massage session?

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