Pornstars Teach Dads New Sex Positions

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Dads, learn new sex positions with Cherie and Charles


Everyone has the rights to learn new sex positions, right? Even dads need to keep themselves educated about new sex moves they would use on moms next time they find some free time to jump between the sheets and spend some intimate moments together.

After all, no one wants sex to get lame over time. And we all know how easily this can happen. A married couple who is together for 20 years, heck, 30 or 40, might not be as lustful anymore as they were when they first met. When years go by, some stuff simply fades away. Everyone who is in this situation, it is time for a change. It is never too late to try something new. Feel free to experiment with sex no matter the age.


Pornstars teach dads advanced sex positions.

I know, your kids might be disgust by the idea of their parents still having a wild sex. Don't bother, they will get used to it. Like they would not be doing it, huh? It is about you and a happy marriage. You know how crucial it is to be sexually active. When sex is bad, everything is bad. That is a plain and simple truth.

Anyhow, all the dads out there, today, you are going to learn new sex positions. Are you excited, yet?

You are joined by no other than Trendzz's aka Brezzers' hosts, Cherie DeVille and Charles Dera, to go through some of the more advanced sex poses. To quickly go through the positions, you will learn how to execute the Pinwheel, the Wheelbarrow and the Electric Slide.


Adult stars teach dads wild new sex moves.

You might already be familiar with some of the positions, still, watch with your eyes wide open and do not miss a single tip and trick provided by Cherie and Charles.

You know what, everyone is down to teach himself or herself about sex. When it gets fun and against the grain compared to how the current sex looks likes, some might get uncomfortable. It is not about the fact that they would not want to do it. What I noticed is the lack of mobility and energy the older couples have. That said, I would highly suggest everyone to never stop working out and even take some yoga classes. Just do it, and you will thank me later.


Dads learn new sex positions from Cherie DeVille and Charles Dera.

Hint: there's plenty free videos on YouTube that will keep your body in shape.

The fact of the matter is, you get rusty if you don't stay physically active throughout your whole life. Even the mundane stuff become hard to accomplish, and you start to struggle more and more.


Don't get rusty in bed!

At least do some yoga a few times a week, and you will feel fresh forever. Your body will feel young, and you will easily practice all these sex positions. Sticking your tools into your wive's pink muffins would never feel dull. Only because you will be able to continuously test new things and maybe even invent some signature moves that will bring both to reach explosive climaxes.


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