Erika Enjoys New Masseur With An Anal Ending

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Young brunette chick, Erika, treats herself with a hot massage once every week. It helps her fully relax her body and mind from all the mundane stuff she goes through. Without a massage, she would probably go crazy.


This very week, when she arrives at her favorite studio, a different masseur is waiting for Erika. She immediately gets hit with an unpleasant feeling. She was really used to her old masseur and did not mind to go naked for him. A sense of shyness hits her. However, this new one, well, let's just say that Erika is really attracted to him. She finds him hot as hell.


Sexy client blows her hot masseur.


Erika does not shy out, instead, she goes with the flow and cannot wait to see if he is of any good use. She takes off the top and lies on the massage table wearing only panties. The very same moment his strong arms start to rub the oil into her silk smooth skin, brunette hottie knows that she will have a good time. As a matter of fact, this will be the best ever massage experience she had to date. She just does not know it yet. Boy, she will soon find out what he has in store for her.


Pussy licking after massage makes her wet and extremely horny.


With his professionalism, he does a magnificent job, taking care of Erika's incredible body. His skills are unbelievable good. Actually, he does her so well, she slowly and steadily becomes aroused and wet down under. Who would have thought that this new guy will truly be so excellent at his job? He seems so young and inexperienced, yet he blows Erika's mind away. The past week was rough for her and this is exactly what she needs. To be honest, she needs something else.

She needs his stiff cock deep inside her mouth, pussy and asshole. Will he please her needs?


Needless to say, just as hot as Erika finds her masseur, so does he find her very attractive, too. When he is in front of her, he releases the beast and lets Erika do her thing to it. She offers him one of the most satisfying blowjobs ever. Wrapping her lips tightly around his dick, she gets him experience a ton of pleasurable sensations.


Erika fucked in her tight ass after a massage session.


To return the favor, Erika spreads her legs so he can dive deep and start to eat out her twat. Both fully aroused and ready to put in the next gear, youngsters bring this erotic massage to an entirely different level. Is that something Erika expected from the new guy? Yes and no.


The massage table is about to get used for something else and not anymore for what it is meant to. As a matter of fact, we could say that sex is some type of a massage, too. Penis rubs and massages pussy walls during penetration. Don't you agree?


Hot facial cumshot for a brunette girl after anal penetration.


But these two don't experience only pink pounding. Oh now. As relaxed as Erika feels this very moment, she is more than ready to take his wood with her ass, too. With this in mind, he is more than happy to bring her fantasy to reality. He eases his machete inside her butt and starts to smash her gently. He fucks her first, she rides him reverse later and they end the fun butt play spooning.

Since he was such a good boy, Erika lets him ejaculate all over her face. Hot cum on her lips is how she likes to end the sexual intercourse. Like, always!

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